The Goodness of Quinoa

Quinoa is high in protein, low in sugar and gluten free, making it the ideal food for anyone wanting to dial up their healthy eating habits. It contains more calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium than most grains and contains all nine essential amino acids which are the building blocks of protein within the body. These amino acids cannot be created by the body so it's super important that we include it within our diets.

Whether enjoying it with a salad, in a cake or as part of a ready meal, each spoonful of goodness contains lysine. An essential amino acid used in the body for calcium absorption, Lysine helps the formation of collagen which is important for the maintenance of connective like tendons, skin and cartilage. Oh, and quinoa isn't actually a grain. It’s a seed and is closely related to spinach and beets, meaning you can even eat the quinoa leaves. If you can find them!

So tuck in. 



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